The Means of a Successful Life

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There is a word that is geared to motivate us in life, and that word is success. The meaning of a successful life varies from person to person. That is why I find success to be as unique as we are as individuals. A person may ask: What is success?


If you Google the definition of success, you will find one definition states that success is: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Another definition of success goes as follows: the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal. These simple definitions suggest that success is available to us all. I believe that success can be attained continuously if we follow through with monitoring our attitude, digging into our “gold mine”, and by not following the follower.

The Most Important Word

To be successful, we must first form the right attitude towards life. Attitude is said to be the world’s most important word in all languages. The world, and everything in it, will react towards us according to our attitude towards it. According to an article from Mayo Clinic, establishing a positive attitude produces the following benefits:

  • Better coping skills during times of stress
  • Lower rates of stress that lead to depression
  • Increased physical and psychological well-being
  • Increased life span compared to the average

The benefits listed above are just the tip of the iceberg for establishing a positive attitude. In another post, we will focus and go into greater detail about our attitude.

The “Gold Mine”

The next ingredient for achieving continuous success is digging into our “gold mine”. I am speaking of the gold mine between our ears. There is no greater treasure than the blessing of having a compatible and capable thinking mind. Having the ability to think and discern is what separates us from all other creatures in the world. The American poet, writer, and Librarian of Congress, Archibald MacLeish, who received three Pulitzer Prizes for his work had a character say in his famous play The Secret of Freedom: “The only thing about a man that is a man…is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse.” If we are to attain the goals we plan for our lives, we must focus our energy on developing our mind.

Don’t Follow the Follower

Lastly, to achieve the goals we aim for, we must stop playing the world’s most unfulfilling game. And the name of the game is “Follow the Follower”. Many of us envy the success of others believing that if we cannot achieve a certain aspect of someone else’s success, we are therefore unsuccessful.  We must remember, success is unique to every individual in the world. No one will be able to do exactly what someone else has done. It is true, you can either do something “better” or “not as good” as someone else, but that is all relative. What we can do is be the best that we can be. All you have to do is be you; be unique. It is said that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.


In another post, I will go in further detail on ways and means of bringing out our best. Until then, check out my video about success. Don’t forget to comment or message me for specific questions!


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