Mark’s Quick Workout: Cardio & Calisthenics

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For those interested in that #FitLife, here is one of my quick workout routines. As the title suggest, I will explain some cardio training as well as calisthenics. I’ll get straight to it.


A Little Cardio

I begin with a warm-up by jogging a mile. After I get a little sweat going, I stretch both my lower-body (hamstrings, quadriceps, groin, gluteus, and calves) and upper-body (chest and triceps). I do this simple warm-up every time a workout to avoid injury.


Once I complete the warm-up, the real fun begins. I usually prefer to get my cardio in first. Since I don’t have plans to become a world-class marathon runner, I run between 2-3 miles. I also implement sprints a couple times a week. Sprints are a great for those of us who struggle with leg gains. Just take a look at athletes who sprint – most have legs that are defined and robust!woman-sprinting


Did you take a gander? Sprinting not only benefit your legs tremendously, your core muscles get attention too. Add this to your workout and come back and thank me…


Quick Calisthenic Workout

After I get my cardio in, I do a few sets of pull-ups. All that is needed is a pull-up bar that can be found at most parks. You can even purchase a pull-up rack at your nearest sporting goods store if you can’t find time to go to the park. No excuses with this simple workout. This workout will also bring beastly results. The major muscles that benefit the most are the biceps, back, and core. Now, if you struggle with doing pull-ups, you can increase your strength by doing bicep curls and rows with a dumbbell. Just know that you should be able to lift your own body weight.


Well folks, I hope this quick and simple workout can help you towards your fitness goals. Check out my video below for a demonstration of one of my favorite calisthenic exercises, pull ups. Please comment or message me for specific questions!

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